Exciting News! TSYP Training Courses go Blended

What does blended learning mean?

Just like combining fine wines or teas to create a new, distinct and desirable product, our Teacher Training Courses, and some Foundation Courses, will now combine online and face-to-face learning.


Though recent months have been challenging, ‘Lockdown‘ has shown how online teaching and learning can be a positive experience. Using digital technology in this way not only makes classes accessible and affordable, but also connects people from all corners of the globe.

In promoting a blended learning approach in the delivery of TSYP training courses, the Education Committee has responded to and embraced the benefits of online learning whilst continuing to respect and honour the importance of the heart-to-heart connection of TKV Desikachar’s teaching which is central to this tradition. Our training courses continue to offer the highest standards, providing a shared, emotive, learning experience and a safe space to practise at the same time as being adaptive and responsive to technological and environmental shifts around us.


  • Reduction in course costs
  • Reduction in travel costs and time
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Increased flexibility, making courses easier to fit around other commitments
  • Increased accessibility, making courses more viable to attend from further afield
  • Varied learning experiences


Further details about our forthcoming Teacher Training course and how to apply can be found here

A blended Foundation Course will be starting in the Spring of 2021. Further details can be found here and here.

And don’t forget to check the TSYP site regularly for more Events.

Michelle Tarling

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