The success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships

– TKV Desikachar

The Society of Yoga Practitioners (TSYP) is a UK based training organisation, dedicated to training Yoga teachers, Yoga therapists and Vedic chanting teachers to the highest UK and international standards, and to offering sangha to yoga practitioners.

We believe that by using all the tools of yoga in an intelligent way, yoga can be accessible to anyone – irrespective of age, ability, gender or religion – for healing and transformation.


In our tradition there is so much more to yoga than postures.

Yoga therapy

Yoga therapy is a natural healthcare approach that uses traditional yoga techniques and principles for therapeutic purposes. 

Vedic chanting

We use sound in the form of mantra and chanting from the ancient scriptures of the Veda-s.



The highlight of our year is the TSYP Annual Gathering. In addition, our members regularly organise events, masterclasses and workshops for yoga and Vedic chanting.


You can start the journey to train as a teacher in this tradition by joining a Foundation course, and then graduate to Teacher training.

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Benefits of membership

Benefits for teacher members

  • Sangha – join a community of teachers in the same tradition
  • Advertise on our Find a Teacher page
  • Post your events on the TSYP website
  • Attractive insurance packages
  • Access to teaching materials
  • Discount for TSYP events
  • Training and CPD opportunities

Benefits for trainee teachers

  • Discounted membership during your training
  • Receive the TSYP newsletter

Benefits for practitioner members

  • Discount for TSYP events
  • Receive the TSYP newsletter
  • View the directory of fellow members

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