Honouring Radha

“Honouring Radha” Radha is truly our chanting queen An inspiration to all she has been.  Her fame has spread around the world Hidden talents in us were slowly unfurled. We loved her and she loved us She gave her all without a fuss. Our teacher then, our teacher now She really does live on somehow.

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Mindful Mince Pies

TSYP would very much like to thank TSYP teacher and member, Mandy Meaden, for this wonderful festive ‘mindful mince pie’ recipe which we are delighted to share for all to enjoy.  Mindful Mince Pies

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Dātā -The Gift Of Giving!

As we are now in Advent and the festive season is nearly upon us, I thought it might be timely to reflect on giving; why do we present gifts? Is there or, should there be a purpose to this giving? Does it really matter what we give and to whom? Surely any gift is better

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