Covid 19 advice and guidance – Updated 23rd March 2020

Dear friends,

it seems like a long time since I sent out the last guidance on Covid 19 and yet it was under a week ago!  

Needless to say much has changed since then and so too has the  guidance.  In such a fast paced changing landscape the best place to access correct guidance remains the NHS site as mentioned before:

It is important also to recognise that for those of you who are members of CNHC the guidance has changed, please see:

and that BWY also has new  guidance and an invitation for members to access an online webinar on how to teach online:

and finally an update from our insurers Balens:

The long and the short of it though is that we should only be teaching on line from now on and ensuring that we do so safely.  We still have  a duty of care to our students to ensure that they are safe and taught properly – however difficult that may be!

And of course as ever, stay well yourselves.

Many people joined us last night for our virtual chanting Sangha and we are hoping to do this every week – watch this space for an update.

With love Bea 

Chair TSYP 

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