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Online Registration

Join and Create a Profile

Join and Create a Profile

  • Load
  • At the top right of the main menu of the Home page (i.e. the first page when you access the TSYP website) you will see the following button:
  • Click this button and the following will appear:
  • Scroll down the screen and enter your email address and your preferred password in the box below:
  • Select the type of membership you would like from the following box onscreen:
  • Enter your name, billing address (including city, county and postcode) and your card details
  • Click Sign Up box and the following options will appear enabling you to complete your profile:
  • Click Profile button and complete the information
  • When each screen information is complete click the Save & Continue button and the following Welcome screen will appear:

Update existing membership details

  • Sign into the TSYP website using your email address and password
  • If you have lost/forgotten your password click the link for Lost Your Password (See below)
  • Once you have your password (or if you had it anyway), you can select Manage your account and edit your profile screen shown below.
  • Select Profile and update/complete the relevant sections

Note: If you do not wish your street address to be flagged on the map select in the option as shown below:


Add A Photo To Your Profile Entry

  • This is really worth doing but before you can add your image to your profile you will need to save a photo of yourself as a JPG file. Once you have a ‘friendly’ photo of yourself stored you can add as follows:
  • Click in Business Card block and the following will appear:
  • Click in box labelled “Click or drop file here to upload image” 
  • Select file from appropriate file listing:
  • Click Open at bottom of list to load
  • Complete short description and then click Save button
  • Once you have completed all relevant sections of the Profile options scroll to top of screen and click the Close button (see below) to exit Profile options 

Add a Second Address

Note: You cannot have 2 email addresses linked to the same name so if you wish to add a 2nd email address, please type this in the Additional Info box.

  • Click the Additional tab and the following will appear:
  • Click Add New Contact and complete the second physical address and even phone/mobile contact info
  • If you would like everyone to find you and view to your second address, click the red button shown below to deselect this option:

Change Your Password

  • Select Password from the options shown on under UPDATE EXISTING MEMBERSHIP DETAILS
  • Click the password button and the following dialogue box will appear:
  • Click into the Change your password box and click the Change button
  • Enter your new password and click Save & Continue
  • On completion click the Sign Out button


  • Every year, when joining or renewing their membership, Teacher members need to complete this section.  When the Certification tab is selected, the following will be available for members to complete:

Renew / Upgrade Membership

  • Login and the Welcome Screen shown below will appear:
  • Click the first bulleted option to renew your membership and the following will appear:
  • Click the Renew, Upgrade or Update Billing button and follow the instructions on screen
  • Select the option you wish to use and enter your card details in the boxes as shown below:
  • Click the Save & Continue button 

Register with CNHC

  • Click the Members tab and select CNHC registration as shown below:
  • Click the link shown below in the last paragraph to download and complete the registration form:

Members Insurance

You can now take out Professional, Public & Products Liability insurance at a much-discounted rate: £57 for teachers and £19.77 for students.

  • Click the Members insurance for more information or,
  • Call Balens on 01684 580771, saying that you are a teacher or student with TSYP.

Clearing browser cache

Updates to the website are done on a regular basis, these could be modifications to our website content, additional website functionality and providing content to our users/members such a new articles, event information etc.

Due to the way sites are designed these update are sometimes not immediate as website content is cached by browsers to improve browser performance, so on occasion you may have clear your browser cache/history. The process is different depending on the browser you’re utilising.

For example if you use “Google Chrome” this is achieved by clicking on the following icon on the top right of google chrome page:

Then from the popup menu you get selecting “History”, followed by selecting “History” once again or by using the keyboard combination of “CRTL+H”

Once in the History page of Google Chrome you will need to select the option “Clear browsing data” and you will be presented with the below:

Select the options as per above and then click on “Clear Data”. Once you have done this, you can reload out website and any new content will shown once the page loads.

As mentioned earlier this is potentially done differently in other browsers, so we recommend searching on google on how to clear your browser cache for the browser you use.

Using the members directory

Only teacher members’ contact details are visible to non-members who use the Find a Teacher option. Once logged in, all Members (including Trainee Teachers, and Friends) can use the Members Directory option to find contact details for other TSYP members.

Find a Teacher

  • Click Find a Teacher along the top of the Home Page and the following appears:
  • Click the down arrow next to Search by Location
  • Enter distance to your location from the drop down menu
  • Enter your town or post code:
  • Click the Search button and if there are any teachers that match the search criteria their details will appear below the map.

A map and a list of names will be displayed if any teacher meets the search criteria:

  • Click on any of the flag to view teacher’s name and details
  • If there aren’t any teachers within that location, you can increase the distance from the key-location.
  • Enter location details as shown above
  • Click the Category field and select one or more of the categories as shown below:
  • Click Search button and if any teachers meet the search criteria they will appear below
  • Select one of the teacher’s details and click to get more information. 


Add an Event

This can only be done by members with the appropriate membership level after they have logged in. For example a Teacher member can add an event they are organising, but a Friend member would not be able to add an event.

  • Select Event list from the Events dropdown menu and the following will appear:
  • Enter details
  • Scroll down to the next box shown below:

Note: The only file format it will accept is a graphic format, such as .jpg or .png

  • Click in the box above and select your graphic file from your PC

To add more information on your event:

  • Click into the next box shown below:
  • Type basic details or, if you have a website,
  • Delete the text in the box
  • Copy a hypertext link from the document in your website
  • Click on link circled in the screen shot above
  • Enter the text to guide people to click link and paste your link ▪ Click the Save & Continue button