vedic chanting

Chant with Radha Sundararajan

Coming Sunday, 7 June, we will be joined by Radha Sundararajan and Sarah Waterfield for an extra long Vedic Chant sangha!

Sunday evening Vedic Chant sangha

We hope you will join our Sunday sangha this week. Our half-hour Vedic Chant session is a wonderful way to round off the weekend.

Join us for our Sunday Vedic Chanting sangha

TSYP held a joint chanting session last Sunday evening for the second week running. While the first session simply involved an invitation to chant at a given time, with a suggested list of chants, this time we included the opportunity to join a Zoom session led by senior TSYP chant teacher Helen Macpherson, who was ably accompanied by her partner Andy Curtis Payne.