TSYP takes Data Protection seriously


We have posted an information sheet on Data Protection in the UK and the ICO (the body that upholds information rights in the UK) on the Members’ part of the website. It is called ICO Registration Guidance. Once you’ve logged in, click on “View and download our Forms, Policies & Guidance”. You can find the sheet under “Guidance for Teachers”.

You need to log in to read the information sheet. Please do so and check whether you need to pay the data protection fee to ensure you are protecting the rights of those individuals whose data you are storing and committed to processing people’s information professionally. Once you have registered with the ICO it is good practice to put your number both on your website and your paperwork. It is a requirement of the TSYP Code of Ethics that you register where necessary.


Don’t forget to make sure that your teacher is storing your personal details in the correct way. Ideally, your teacher will have told you about this when you first started learning with them.

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