The Ukraine

Dear friends

The current news of the Ukraine is shocking and deeply troubling.  

Given the last two years many of us are already agitated and it can be hard to know how to cope or what to do to help.  However, yoga offers us the opportunity to turn to practices that lead us to tranquility and clarity of mind. For there to be peace in the world we need to cultivate it within ourselves.  The peace we find within us is felt by those around us.

We could take a quiet walk amongst the trees, by a river or in the hills to return to find this peace. We could sit and follow our breath and let peace find us. We could recite or learn the Sarva śāntiḥ, a profound prayer for peace.
Roughly translated it reads:

‘May there be peace everywhere, at all levels of existence. In the sky, the wind, the moon, the stars, among animals and humans, in the Divine and amongst those who have attained Brahma. Those who recite this mantra ask that peace within be strengthened so that it may be offered to the world’.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those of the Ukraine and all those across the world who are suffering.

With love and in peace 

Chair, TSYP 

and with thanks to Michael Wegerer

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