Chant to promote peace and healing in the US and beyond

US President elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated at 12 noon Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday 20th January. That’s 5 pm UK time. 

We wish to send a message of peace and healing to the people of this country that is suffering so much at the moment. And, of course, to those everywhere who are facing difficult times.

We will not be holding an online Zoom session, but invite you to chant on your own – we will be together in spirit. Do light a candle or simply take a moment to sit and chant, if you can at the moment of the inauguration, if not, at some moment during the day. 

Our teacher Radha Sundararajan has suggested the following chants, which you can find here:

  • Ārogya-mantraḥ
  • Śraddhā-sūktam
  • Sarva śāntih (simplified)
  • Āśirvāda
  • Mahā vākya

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