Bea Teuten interviewed on Amy Wheeler’s Yoga Therapy Hour

On 25th June, TSYP Chair, Bea Teuten, was interviewed by Amy Wheeler for her weekly podcast, Yoga Therapy Hour. Amy and Bea discuss how she understood that she would be switching her career to become a yoga teacher, and her first experience with the healing powers of yoga with respect to epilepsy. They also talk about the responsibilities of the students and teachers, and the benefits of chanting and more including:

  • TYSP and what they do as an organisation;
  • How Bea got interested in Yoga & Yoga Therapy;
  • Bea’s experience with her daughter and the healing journey;
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a yoga teacher;
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a yoga student;
  • Why is having a mentor important to the healing journey?;
  • What is a student’s responsibility towards the teacher and practice?;
  • Bea’s journey and her favourite yoga tool (hint- mantra); and
  • Mantras, Chanting, and how they work

The interview closed with Bea offering a short meditative practice. 

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