DBS Information


Enhanced Disclosure certificates are processed through the Disclosure & Barring Service.  The British Wheel of Yoga requires that teachers working, or intending to work, with young people under 18 years of age hold a current Enhanced Disclosure.  

Where can I get an Enhanced Disclosure Certificate? 

TSYP Teaching members obtain an Enhanced Disclosure through an umbrella organisation.  The organisation used by TSYP is Lloyd Education.  They deal with applications from anywhere in the country.  The contact details are: 

Lloyd Education (ask for Keith Lloyd) 
6 Houghton Place
Rushmere St Andrew   
Suffolk IP4 5UX    
Tel: 01473  718504
Mobile: 07734  321259  
email: kjlloyd@btconnect.com                
web: www.lloydeducation.org      

The service currently (2019) costs £61, which covers the DBS fee plus administration charges for registered post.  Please note that only TSYP Teaching members may apply for a TSYP Enhanced Disclosure and that membership numbers must be submitted during the application.

How do I apply for an Enhanced Disclosure? 

  1. Contact Lloyd Education (details above) to request application for an Enhanced Disclosure.   
  2. Complete the application form and return it to Lloyd Education together with the original documents specified on the form. They will return the documents to you by registered mail, and aim to do this within 48 hours. 
  3. Once you have completed and returned your application form, Lloyd Education will forward it to the DBS, which they aim to do within 48 hours of receipt of your application.  
  4. On receipt of the application from Lloyd Education, the DBS will do the necessary searches.  
  5. You will receive your Enhanced Disclosure Certificate directly from the DBS  
  6. You will need to send your original certificate to TSYP within 21 days. No photocopies accepted.  It is essential that you do this, otherwise you are not permitted to teach in the name of the TSYP and your insurance cover is invalidated.  The certificate will be returned to you by recorded delivery and it is recommended that you post it to us by recorded delivery.  Certain details, such as the number and date of your certificate, are recorded and your certificate is handled according to data protection legislation.  Send your certificate marked Designated Safeguarding Officer, 30 School Hill, Findon, West Sussex BN14 0TR.
  7. This whole process must be completed prior to commencement of teaching vulnerable groups. 

 Levels of Enhanced Disclosure and Workforce Field 

There are different levels of Enhanced Disclosure and on application you are required to opt for the appropriate level, according to the guidance below. 

Enhanced Disclosure with Children’s Barred List check  

· Teachers of specialist classes for children or under 18s  

· Teachers of under 18s on 1:1 basis, no adult present 

Enhanced Disclosure without Barred List check 

· Teachers of adult classes with under 16 present who is unaccompanied 

In addition, you must select the appropriate workforce field for the teaching context in which you will be working.   

Online Update Service 

There is an option to opt-in to an on-line updating service with the DBS.  This service currently costs £13 per annum and is accessed via on-line at www.gov.uk/dbs during the application process. TSYP strongly recommends that teachers opt-in.   

The advantages are that by doing so, the TSYP can, with your consent, check that your Enhanced Disclosure is still current by going directly to the DBS website and accessing a portal which will tell us whether it is still current or there is new content on it.  This means there will be no need for you to renew your Enhance Disclosure by re-applying.  

It will also mean that in specified circumstances (see page 3) an Enhanced Disclosure becomes more portable than it has been previously.  If you work with children for more than one organisation, this will save you money and the inconvenience of repeated reapplication.   

If you do not opt in, your TSYP Enhanced Disclosure will require renewal via re-application every two years. 

Portability of Enhanced Disclosures – what if I already hold an Enhanced Disclosure through another organisation? 

Portability is when one organisation accepts a person’s existing Enhanced Disclosure which was obtained through another organisation. Under certain circumstances, TSYP will accept certificates obtained via another organisation. These are: 

· If the workforce field shown on the certificate is the same as that in which you will be using it for your TSYP activities. 

· If the correct Barred List information is showing. 

· If the certificate was obtained within the last two years 

· We will only accept portability if you opted into the on-line update service. 

If all those criteria are met, you will be required to send the original to us as outlined in Step 6 above. 

If you require any clarification at all about the information provided in this sheet, please contact the Designated Safeguarding Officer at safeguarding@tsyp.yoga