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Yoga Sūtra III.33

Faith, openness and patience are essential to the creative process. In my experience, both as a physicist and as a poet, there have been so many times when I have had to sit in front of a blank sheet of paper and just allow myself time to quietly reflect and focus. Noise and distraction are two of the enemies which I need to either clear away or ignore. However, self-doubt is the greatest barrier; without faith in the idea that I might come up with something, I am wasting my time. Another enemy is self-criticism. I have to remind myself that ideas do not arise perfectly formed. When they do, I need further faith, together with energy and persistence, to see an idea through until something of worth emerges. All ideas come from a quiet source within. The mind has no other use than to refine and polish what inspiration has already created in rough. And if nothing comes to mind the first time, try again! Have faith.

Questions for reflection:

  • Do I have faith in my own ability to come up with solutions?
  • Have I found a quiet space and cleared away distractions?
  • Am I prepared to wait patiently for an idea to arise and give it time to take shape?

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Contributed by Michael Hutchinson

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Please share your reflections by commenting on this post.

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