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Yoga Sūtra II.1

During the current situation Kriya Yoga offers great support for us as practitioners of Yoga and as those offering support to others.

Tapas encompasses all we can do to support ourselves through a healthy and wholesome daily regime, practice, dietary care, good sleep routines, good exercise routines ( outdoor exercise such as walking)etc.

Svādhyāya to self observe and self reflect, to ensure that what we are doing in terms of Tapas is supporting us appropriately, also chanting and the study and reflection on the Yoga Sutra and other key text to support us and our work in yoga.

And perhaps most important, īśvarapraidhānā, to understand and accept  what we cannot change and what we can change. To understand our place in this world and our role within this world.

Questions for reflection:

  • Tapas: am I able to engage with the knowledge I have to support myself? Do I use the reference points available to me when I need guidance or extra support?
  • Svādhyāya: am I able to self-reflect with clarity? Can I “see” how my mind can either help me or undermine me? Does my practice serve this process of self-reflection?
  • Iśvarapraidhānā: am I able to see there are things that I cannot change, that I can only accept? Can I use this in a positive way to direct my energy towards those things that I can change or affect positively? To use my energy, time and gifts wisely!

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(Photo: Simon Migaj from Pexels)