Award of Certification and Qualifications Policy Student Progression

  1. Award of Certificates and Qualifications
    1. TSYP aims to uphold the highest standards of teaching in the tradition of Krishnamacarya and TKV Desikachar.
    2. To achieve TSYP course certification a student is required to have passed all required assessments and/or reassessments and to have reached the required standards.
    3. TSYP courses may be accredited by outside bodies:
      1. The TSYP Teacher Training Diploma course is accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY)
      2. The TSYP Teacher Training Diploma course is also accredited by the British Council of Yoga Therapy (BCYT) in respect of the yoga therapy component of the course.  This in turn allows registration with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).
    4. All outside bodies set standards and curricula that students must achieve in order to be awarded Yoga Teacher or Yoga Therapist status.
    5. Where a student has specific learning needs that require additional support, they are required to disclose these on the application form.  This is so as to ensure that the Course Director can assess the additional support required for the student and ensure that their needs can be adequately met.  Please see the TSYP Reasonable Adjustments Policy and Special Consideration policies. 
  1. Incomplete or inadequate assessments
    1. Where a student has failed to complete the set assessments, or has not completed these to the required standard, the Course Director will inform the Head of Education and Training at once.
    2. Failure to complete set assessments within the specified timeframe and where Extenuating Circumstances have not been established, will result in the student being unable to qualify. 
    3. Where a student has completed the set assessments but they are not of sufficient standard, or where there are concerns about their level of achievement, the Course Director will, in the first instance, discuss the matter with the student.
    4. Discussions about the standard of work or incomplete assessments must be undertaken in good time to allow the student to address the issues of concern and qualify with their peer group.
    5. Where it is agreed that a student needs more time to complete their work, and the matter does not fall within the ambit of the Extenuating Circumstances Policy the Course Director will, create a ‘Retrieval Package’ to support the student’s progression.
    6. Where a student has had ample opportunity to address matters but has failed to do so they will not be offered the option of a Retrieval Package.
    7. Similarly, where it is clear to the Lead Tutor that, despite all supportive measures, the student cannot complete the set assessments to the required standard, the Lead Tutor will meet with the student to inform that they will be unable to successfully pass the course.
    8. Students who do not successfully pass their course, or whose award is delayed due to Extenuating Circumstances or a Retrieval Package, will not be awarded a TSYP or other accrediting body, e.g. BWY, qualification or, where the course concerned is a Teacher Training course, will not be able to register with the CNHC.
    9. The Lead Tutor will inform relevant accrediting bodies, the TSYP Head of Education and Training and TSYP Membership Secretary of students who do not successfully complete their course or whose awards are delayed due to Extenuating Circumstances or Retrieval Packages and the final outcome of these.
  1. Retrieval Package
    1. A Retrieval Package aims to support a student to complete outstanding or sub-standard pieces of work within a specified timeframe. 
    2. Decisions on the type of Retrieval Package applied to a student will made on an individual case-by-case basis by the Lead Tutor and Course Director, in liaison with theHead of Education and Training.  Where the Head of Education and Training is either Course Director or Lead Tutor the Chair will take over this role. 
    3. A retrieval package will require a student to complete specified assignments/tasks within a set time frame of a maximum of one year from the end of the course completion date.
    4. A student may be assigned a new supervisor for this period.
    5. The supervisor, who may be the Course Director or another Senior TSYP teacher will supervise the student’s specified assignments/tasks and will provide constructive feedback, support and guidance.
    6. The student will, generally, be responsible for bearing any costs incurred in completing their Retrieval Package.  Such costs may be associated with the external accreditation and/or the extra one to one time spent with their supervisor. The supervisor’s fees must be agreed in advance with the student. 
    7. All Retrieval Packages will be approved by the Head of Education and Training.
  1. Examples of possible Retrieval Packages
    1. Where a Retrieval Package relates to Yoga teaching standards, the student is required to submit lesson plans, for groups and individuals, to their supervisor, for the duration of the specified timeframe and is subject to a specified number of lesson observations. 
    2. Where a Retrieval Package relates to Yoga therapy, the student is required to complete and submit specified case studies to their supervisor at regular intervals for the duration of the timeframe. The student must inform their therapy students that they are still in training.
  1. Award of Certification and Qualification on completion of a Retrieval Package
    1. Where required assessments/reassessments achieve the required standards, the student will receive their award.
    2. Where required assessments/reassessments fail to achieve the required standards, the student will not receive their award.
AuthorMichelle Tarling
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Date Ratified12/02/2020
Date issued12/02/2020
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