The Art of Vedic Chanting: a handbook for students and teachers, by Howard Crosthwaite (4th edition)

Howard Crosthwaite was introduced to yoga in 1984 and qualified as a teacher ten years later. He teaches a monthly Vedic chant group and runs study courses and retreats. The latest, spiral-bound edition of his book, The Art of Vedic chanting: a handbook for students and teachers, reflects the ethos of Howard’s teaching: it is faithful to the tradition and rules, yet accessible to all; and it recognises Vedic chanting as a lifelong learning experience full of joy – albeit one within which mistakes will happen!

The first section recounts the background of Howard’s chanting journey from initial inspiration chanting with Paul Harvey to later study with Radha Sundararajan. It then gives the rules of Vedic chanting, and offers an account of the emotional and other benefits. The main body of the book comprises the notated chants, printed in an easy-to-read font and with line separations. 

The book has done much to nurture and encourage the growing band of Vedic chanters outside India, and this new edition enhances its value as a wonderful resource for teachers and students alike.

I really like the clear way the concepts of chanting are introduced
and explained in this edition; and it is great to have all the core Vedic chants
collected in one place in an easily usable way. 

Chris Preist (yoga and Vedic chant teacher)

Howard Crosthwaite’s chanting saṅga

The Art of Vedic Chanting is much loved by Howard’s chanting group, who all found it a relief after 10 years of losing chant sheets to have them compiled in one book! The group has been meeting for over 22 years at the house in Doncaster where he lives with his wife Pat. People travel from all over Yorkshire and surrounding counties, often with challenging journeys, to take part; so it’s good to receive a warm welcome with tea, biscuits and chat in the kitchen before starting the serious but always enjoyable chanting session. 

Starting with an initial core of Pat’s one-to-one yoga students, the group has grown to include other students as well as people with no previous connection to yoga. Some have been attracted to the ancient texts; others, perhaps, simply to Howard’s wonderful voice, trained as a young Anglican priest in plainsong chant.

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Liz Knott, TSYP Vedic chant teacher

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