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Updated on 23rd March 2020

Dear friends,

It seems like a long time since I sent out the last guidance on Covid 19 and yet it was under a week ago!  

Needless to say much has changed since then and so too has the  guidance.  In such a fast paced changing landscape the best place to access correct guidance remains the NHS site as mentioned before:

It is important also to recognise that for those of you who are members of CNHC the guidance has changed, please see:

and that BWY also has new  guidance and an invitation for members to access an online webinar on how to teach online:

and finally an update from our insurers Balens:

The long and the short of it though is that we should only be teaching on line from now on and ensuring that we do so safely.  We still have  a duty of care to our students to ensure that they are safe and taught properly – however difficult that may be!

And of course as ever, stay well yourselves.

Many people joined us last night for our virtual chanting Sangha and we are hoping to do this every week – watch this space for an update.

With love Bea 

Chair TSYP 

Posted on 17th March 2020

Dear members,

As we are all aware, Coronavirus is having a dramatic impact on us all.  

As teachers and practitioners of yoga we will be in touch with many people to whom we owe a duty of care.  We are aware that for many teachers teaching yoga is their main source of income and so cancellation of classes will have a significant impact on them.  However, we all need to ensure that we act responsibly and practically and that our approach is rooted in the yama-s and niyama-s. 

The primary source of advice, and that recommended by CNHC, is that from the NHS:

Practical tips

In practical terms some of the things you should be considering are:

  • Whether you should be meeting a student face to face at all. Please consider their age and state of health. We suggest that you discuss this with them by phone, but above all be mindful of the government direction to avoid all non essential contact with others. Skype and telephone are both safe good options. 
  • Whether you should be holding group classes at present. Again, the government has asked for people to stop gathering in crowded places.
  • When teaching asana to stop using any props which could carry the virus.
  • To encourage all students to bring their own mats, and clean all mats thoroughly between classes (or ensure your gym does).
  • To ensure that all students stay a safe distance away from each other, the current recommendation is 1.5 metres between people.
  • To discourage any physical contact.
  • And above all to insist on hand washing and sanitiser before and after any interaction.


We have spoken to Balens, with whom many of you hold insurance.  They have confirmed that as long as you conform to normal principles of working within your knowledge and maintain appropriate records, you will still be covered for working over Skype. BWY insurers also have a policy statement on their site.

Mental wellbeing

Many students, and indeed teachers, are extremely anxious at the moment and our responsibility also lies in being able to support them.

Mind has a useful online tool to help you consider some of the things we should be thinking about:

And lastly, but by no means least… 

Caring for yourself

When many people depend on us it is even more important to ensure that we maintain our own wellbeing.  We must maintain our own practice, call on our mentor if we need to, and ensure that we get enough sleep and fresh air to be able to support others.

A few last thoughts

Only take / buy what you need, the shelves are seen to be empty but do we all need 100 loo rolls?  
Also, is there someone in your street who could do with some TLC ? Phones and shopping can both be done without coming into contact with someone.

And if you have time on your hands please write some blogs for us – we’d love to hear your yoga-related experiences in these unusual times!

With love, 


Chair TSYP 

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