Chanting Sangha Sunday 22nd March at 8pm

March 2020

Dear friends,

The current situation with coronavirus  means that many of us will be isolated and less able to link with others in our usual ways.  

Despite this we can still chant and so may i invite you to participate in a rather special chanting session?

On Sunday evening (22nd March) at 8pm please join me from your own home to chant and reflect for 30 mins. It is also Mothers’ Day which will make it all the more special.  We won’t be using any type of IT for this as we are all on it too much anyway!

We will not be together as such but our chanting will unite us and our message will be stronger for chanting together.

We will chant a mixture of chants that are likely to be very familiar to you.  If you don’t know one or more just chant the ones you do know.

We will chant:

saha nā vavatu
and asato ma

please repeat these.

if you wish to spend a little time in refection please focus on the wellbeing of world and those who are most vulnerable.

Please also pass this email on to anyone who think might like to join us.

With love 


Chair TSYP 

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