Training to become a TSYP Foundation Course tutor

The latest Foundation Course tutor training course was held in Crawley at the beginning of 2019. Seven TSYP teachers took part in a lively and inspiring weekend. One of them has already completed her course plan and is advertising her first Foundation Course, which will commence later this year.

What is the TSYP Foundation Course?

The TSYP Foundation Course (FC) is designed as a stepping stone that takes yoga practitioners from attendance at weekly classes or one-to-one tuition to a deeper understanding of yoga in this tradition. Some take the course as the necessary first stage and sound basis for teacher training, while others do so simply to deepen their experience and study of yoga in this tradition. The course also serves to encourage personal development as it is a strong support for using yoga in one’s daily life. Most TSYP teachers will have done a Foundation Course in one form or another.

Who can train as an FC tutor?

Experienced TSYP teachers wanting to develop their teaching skills as well as broaden their knowledge may train as Foundation Course (FC) tutors. In this way TSYP is continuing to disseminate this wonderful tradition of Krishnamacharya and Desikachar.

TSYP Foundation Course Tutor training group, January 2019. From left to right, front row: Sangeetha Bhandari, Bea Teuten, Jatinder Wilson, Christina Jones. Back row: Karen Adamson, Andrie de Vries, Annemarie Visser, Mandy Meaden, Gill Lloyd.

Who are the FC tutor trainers?

The current trainers of the FC tutors are Gill Lloyd and Karen Adamson, both of whom were personally appointed as teacher trainers by TKV Desikachar.

Gill has studied in this tradition since 1976. She completed a four-year teacher training course with Paul Harvey, followed by a two-year postgraduate course and was a personal student of Desikachar. Currently Gill teaches one-to one and leads regular workshops and Vedic chant sessions from her home in Sussex. Karen is currently one of the tutors on the TSYP teacher training course running in Glasgow, due to complete early in 2020. She is also a Vedic chant teacher and teaches individuals and small groups at her home in Fife, Scotland.

What does a Foundation Course tutor training course involve?

Prospective FC tutors begin the training process by including with their application specific practice plans and a consideration/reflection on their strengths and areas that may need support in order to deliver the FC syllabus.

On the dedicated training weekend, among other activities, they deliver a presentation on a topic chosen by the trainers and are observed teaching and taking practice. Lectures and group activities on course planning and considerations of the practicalities of running a course are also included. Previous experience and expertise are always acknowledged.

Before an FC can be advertised, the trainee tutor devises their own course plan, and this is scrutinised by the trainers. Once this is satisfactorily completed, the new course may then be advertised and the course can start.

The trainers are mentors for all trainees when they teach their first FC and a mentor visit takes place usually during the second half of the FC.

Where can I do a Foundation Course myself?

FC tutors have been trained since 2014, and eight of them have successfully run one or more courses. To date five Foundation Courses have been held in in Scotland, one in the London area, two in Cheltenham, two in Cambridgeshire and three in Surrey. This year courses have already started in Scotland and Surrey; in addition to one due to be held in the London area in the autumn, one is planned in the Bath area for early 2020 and others will follow.

I’m thinking of becoming an FC tutor

There is a regular meeting for FC tutors at the TSYP AnnualGathering, where prospective applicants are welcome to join us to find out more.

Gill is now standing down as an FC tutor trainer (although she will remain as consultant). The next training will be with Karen and Helen Macpherson (date to be arranged).

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