Sunday evening Vedic Chant sangha

After the wonderful Vedic Chant with Radha Sundararajan and Sarah Waterfield last Sunday (apologies to those who couldn’t be admitted, we had to stop at 100), this week we are back to our usual time of 8 pm UK time for our short half-hour moment of connection. 

Do join us, as among others we will be chanting Gurvastakam in preparation for our special sangha on June 21.

Lisa Soede will be hosting the half-hour sangha on Zoom. Please mail Lisa for login details:

We will chant the following chants:

You can download the chant texts here.

The Gāyatrī-mantraḥ has a special place in the Vedic mantra-s. Śri Gāyatrī is a representation of the female form of the sun, and the sun (called Savituh in this mantra) is the highest manifestation of the supreme being. By chanting or even listening to the Gāyatrī-mantraḥ we can link ourselves to the sun and become filled with its light and energy. We all have light, clarity, courage and fearlessness within us. The problem is we are not always aware of it. By meditating on the sun, the sun helps us to bring out these qualities of clarity and courage. 

Zoom security and protocol

Please note that we are not able to post login details for Zoom meetings on our website. To participate we ask that you unmute your microphone and say your name if you are asked by the host to identify yourself. 

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

The TSYP team

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