TSYP Refund Policy

We have 3 refund policies depending on the nature of the event.

1. TSYP Teacher Training and TSYP Pilot Foundation Courses

No refunds or transfers. Monthly payments will cease if a student decides to leave the course. Deposits, registration fees and TSYP membership fees are non-refundable.

2. Residential weekends or retreats

Refund: TSYP / aYs Joint Event July 2021

  • Full refunds will be given up until June 11 (6 weeks before the event). After that no refunds can be given but, in the event of unusual circumstances, please contact us.

3. Non-Residential weekends/day courses

No refunds but the place can be transferred.


Unexpected circumstances may be considered on a case by case basis by applying to the Treasurer who will make a final decision after discussing with the Event Organiser.

A £10 administration fee will be added to all refunds to cover the bank transaction costs.  

All refunds will be completed by the Treasurer only.

AuthorHelen Saaler
Ratified byTSYP Executive Committee
Date RatifiedMarch 2020
Date issuedMarch 2020
Date to be reviewedMarch 2023