Concessions Policy for TSYP Events


TSYP believes in and wishes to support equality of opportunity. To this end it wishes to support TSYP members who may be going through times of financial hardship in order for them to attend events. This may be in a number of ways, such as deferred payment, payment in instalment or reduced payment. 

Funding has therefore been ring fenced for TSYP practitioners, teachers and student teachers to apply for so that, among other things, they can undertake their CPD requirements in the event of financial hardship.  

The total budget available for concessions every year will depend on the total financial assets of TSYP. It will be 3% of the total assets at the start of the financial year on the 1st January.

This is for TSYP events only and not for teacher training or foundation courses. This will be dealt with separately. 

We offer concessions in the spirit of the attitudes presented in Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras 1.33.  In the words of TKV Desikachar: “…if we can be happy for those who are happier than ourselves, compassionate towards those who are not as happy, pleased with those whose activities are praiseworthy, and remain undisturbed by the errors of others, our minds will be very tranquil.”

You may at some time find yourself in need of support from TSYP. We would ask that in turn, when the opportunity arises, you offer something to someone else for free.


The procedure is as follows:

1. All applications will be dealt with sensitively.

2. Only TSYP Practitioners, student teachers and teachers can apply.

3. Payment by instalment or deferred payment will be considered as a first option. If this is not possible then a reduced rate will be considered. 

4. All applications must be made at least 2 weeks before the event start date.

5. Applications must be in writing to the TSYP Treasurer (, at the time of booking/registering for an event. The applicant must set out their circumstances in outline so that a reasonable consideration of their case can be made. The Treasurer may make further enquiries by speaking directly to the applicant. 

Consideration will also be given to whether the applicant can meet their CPD requirement in the absence of financial help. 

6. All applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

7.  The Treasurer will liaise with the Event Organiser and, if appropriate, the Mentor before making the final decision.

8. The application will be acknowledged within one week. Every effort will be made to make a final decision within two weeks of the application or at least one week prior to the event, whichever is the sooner.

9. The maximum concession will be half of the TSYP practitioner rate for the event.

10.  The maximum available to any individual in each financial year is £100.   

11. Members of the TSYP Committees may apply for an increased concession which will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

12. All applications will be kept confidential between the Treasurer, the Event Organiser, and the Mentor if appropriate.

13. This policy will be reviewed annually at the September Executive Committee meeting.

Version 4 – 29/09/2020
AuthorTreasurer and Chair 
Ratified by Executive Committee 
Date Ratified 30/09/2020
Date Issued 06/10/2020
Next Review Annually