Getting Started

TSYP offers high quality tuition for:

  • Individuals
    • Our teachers offer one to one teaching which takes into account the circumstances of your life, your own health, well-being and personal goals. We will support you to develop a regular practice to help maintain the benefits of yoga. We will also adapt your practice to your changing circumstances and personal goals and help you to go deeper as and when you may wish to do so.
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  • Group classes
    • These are a wonderful way to learn in the company of others. Our classes involve bringing breath, body & mind together to create a feeling of well-being and peace. Classes are designed around the principles taught to us by TKV Desikachar, so that there is adequate preparation for all that is taught and that it is appropriate for all group members. Group sizes tend to be small, so that the teacher can give you personal guidance.
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  • Seminars and workshops
    • Our teacher-trainers and experienced local teachers offer a range of seminars on various topics. Please ask your teacher or look at events on this website. These occasions offer a chance to explore the principles that lie behind our yoga practice and time to look at them in more detail.
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