Patron – Gill Lloyd

Gill began her studies in the tradition of T Krishnamcharya and TKV Desikachar (Sir) in 1976 when she met and studied with Martin Underwood and Ian Rawlinson (author of Yoga for the West) after they had returned from two years of study with Desikachar in Chennai in the early 1970s. When Paul Harvey completed his two years of study with Sir, in 1981, she continued her studies with him, completing a four-year teacher training course (she was a DCT for BWY at this time) followed by a two-year postgraduate course. During this training, she was accepted by Desikachar as Chair of what was then Viniyoga Britain. Desikachar took her under his wing and she continued her 1-to-1 studies with him until he retired from teaching. Gill is a founding member of TSYP and continues as a senior advisor alongside her own work teaching yoga practice and philosophy.