Director – Annemarie Visser (Yoga Therapy)

I dipped in and out of yoga classes for several years, until I came upon a class taught according to the principles developed by T.K.V. Desikachar. My experience of this teaching prompted me to pursue yoga teacher training and further yoga therapist training in Desikachar’s approach. I have been involved in various dimensions of therapy for many years, since I am also a practising psychotherapist, chartered psychologist, clinical supervisor and tutor on therapist training programmes. Good yoga therapy supports the individual’s natural capacity for healing and boosts their resilience to physical and psychological issues.

At present, the potential of yoga therapy to promote physical and mental health is vastly under-recognised and under-utilized in the UK. As Head of Yoga Therapy, my remit is to guide the expansion of TSYP initiatives related to yoga therapy. This includes yoga therapist and supervisor training, continued professional development, and raising awareness and uptake of yoga therapy in the healthcare industry.   My priority currently  is to develop a yoga therapy qualification and programme which we aim to  begin in 2022-23.