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2 months ago
The Human Touch: The Wisdom of Desikachar on Yoga Therapy

This article illustrates the importance of the teacher/student relationship and how it informs our teaching.

When asked about the main difference between his approach and that of a physician, yoga scholar T. K. V. Desikachar said, “For anybody, whatever their type of suffering may be, there must be a human touch."

2 months ago
Aetna Viniyoga Stress Reduction Program

Gary Kraftsow was a student of TKV Desikachar's for many years. He set out in this video a lovely summary of the process and benefits of yoga techniques when applied in therapeutic situations.

Gary Kraftsow developed Viniyoga Stress Reduction Program, a 12-week Viniyoga-based program pilot for Aetna employees.

2 months ago

When the mind is directed towards an object, it can display 5 different degrees of attention [bhūmis]. One of these is called mūdha.

TKV Desikachar tells us that "Here the mind is like one of a heavy water buffalo standing for hours on end in ... See more

3 months ago

Kriyā yoga may be the best place to start in a world where advertising tells us that we won't feel fulfilled unless we have the latest 'whatever' as the focus of our life.

"If the practice of Yoga does not help us to remove the symptoms and causes ... See more

3 months ago
World Yoga Festival 2018

TSYP teachers and KYM faculty will once again present sessions at World Yoga Festival . Well worth your support.

World Yoga Festival is hosted by the Arsha Kula Foundation. UK Registered Charity No. 1171708LEARN, REJUVENATE & ENJOY - Learn from true masters The largest, family-friendly yoga festival in the UK and now in its third year, World Yoga Festival ... See more

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